Jun 21, 2014
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Yerba Santa Tea Benefits

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Yerba Santa Tea has been known for centuries for its astringent, stimulant and antibacterial action. Although it remains unknown to European public, Yerba Santa Tea has gain an impressive popularity among South and North Americans during the last 30 years.

Yerba Santa is an ever-green shrub that grows in extended areas of the United Stated and which can be easily recognized by its light purple flowers, needle-like green leaves and elongated roots.

The main use of Yerba Santa leaves consisted of an improvised bandage that was made by smashing a small amount of leaves in a cloth and press it against open wounds.

However, this temporary bandage could only be used until a more appropriate one was found. Some say that Yerba Santa leaves are very efficient, but their effect doesn’t last too long.

Yerba Santa Tea Properties

Aside from its wonderful benefits as a great wound cleanser, Yerba Santa Tea has important properties that place this herb among the most important elements of the alternative medicine. The active ingredients of this tea are: bitter resins, eriodictyol, eriodictyonic acid, essential oils and tannins, which can be found mostly in the leaves. The bitter resins have antiseptic and cleansing properties which make this exotic tea a real cure in cases of internal damage.

Yerba Santa Tea Benefits

For many centuries, Native Americans believed that Yerba Santa Tea was truly saint thanks to its ability to treat open wounds by stopping infections from developing.

Luckily, recent studies showed that Yerba Santa Tea benefits consist of much more than just open cuts cleansing.You may find this tea helpful in case you’re suffering from one of the following conditions:

– Respiratory conditions, such as asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, cough, by clearing the respiratory ways and restoring the well-being of your organism.

– Bruises and pains, by de-clotting the affected areas and increasing the localized blood flow.

– Joint pain and rheumatism, by inhibiting pain triggers and enhancing the metabolisms functions.

– Fever, fatigue, counter stress, by inducing healing endorphins and nourishing the nervous system.

– Yerba Santa Tea also combats allergies, insect bites and other minor injuries.

How to make Yerba Santa Tea Infusion

When preparing Yerba Santa Tea, you first need to make sure that the herbs you’re using are perfectly clean: you don’t want any bacteria to interfere with your treatment. Use a teaspoon of dried of freshly picked leaves for every cup of tea you want to make, add boiling water and wait for 30 minutes for the health benefits to be released, strain and drink it hot or cold. You can add honey or lemon if the taste feels a bit unpleasant. Don’t drink more than 4 cups of Yerba Santa Tea per day in order to avoid other complications.

Yerba Santa Tea Side Effects

When taken properly, Yerba Santa Tea is perfectly safe. However, high dosages may lead to ailments of the digestive tract, such as diarrhea or constipation. If you’re yet unsure about this medical treatment, talk to your doctor or to a specialist to gather more information.

Yerba Santa Tea Contraindications

Do not take Yerba Santa Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffering from a serious health conditions that implies blood thinners or anticoagulant ingestion or if you’re preparing for a surgery that would require anesthesia. Also, children should be kept away from this treatment.

However, if you’ve been already taking this tea for a while and your health is deteriorating, talk to a doctor as soon as possible! But if your general health is good and there is nothing that could interfere with a treatment based on Yerba Santa Tea, give it a try and enjoy its wonderful benefits!

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