Jun 21, 2014
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Yarrow Tea Benefits

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Yarrow Tea has been known for a long time thanks to its curative properties which include sweat inducing enzymes and fever inhibitors. Yarrow is an herb that grows mainly in the wilderness of the Northern Hemisphere. You may know it by one of its other names: Western Yarrow, yarrow, milfoil, soldier’s woundwort, staunchwee and woundwort or by its Latin denomination, Achillea millefolium.

Yarrow has segmented greed leaves and lavender or daisy-white flowers. The Latin name comes from the Greek mythology: according to some legends, the legendary Achilles used a tincture of Yarrow all over his body to make himself invulnerable to arrows and cure the wounds of the other fighters.

Yarrow Tea Properties

Aside from the mythology that surrounds it, Yarrow Tea is actually a very respectable medical treatment, with noticeable effects on the human health system. The main ingredients of this tea are: bitters, chamazulene, proazulene, saponins, tannins and fatty acids.

Due to its high level of saponis, Yarrow Tea is known as a very strong diaphoretic, being able to widen the coronary arteries’ walls and normalize a poor blood circulation. It is also used to treat childbirth pains and aggravated cholesterol damages.

Yarrow Tea Benefits

Recent studies showed that Yarrow Tea, when taken according to instructions, has a real effect on your general health, being able to treat a series of affections. You may find that Yarrow Tea is very useful in case you are suffering from one of the following conditions:

– Fevers and colds, by inducing sweat and inhibiting infection.

– Loss of appetite, stomach cramps, flatulence, enteritis and gastritis.

– Gallbladder problems, overall liver malfunctions, internal hemorrhages (especially of the lungs).

– Inflammation and menstrual pains.

How to make Yarrow Tea Infusion

When preparing Yarrow Tea Infusion, you need to make sure that you’re using the appropriate ingredients. Use a teaspoon of dried or freshly picked herbs for every cup of tea you want to make, add boiling water and wait 5 minutes for the tea benefits to be released. Drink it hot or cold. However, don’t take more than two cups of tea per day in order to avoid complications.

Yarrow Tea Side Effects

When taken properly, Yarrow Tea has no side effects at all. However, high dosages showed that patients developed skin sensitivity to light. If you’ve been taking Yarrow Tea for a long time and you feel that your health is not improving, but rather deteriorating, talk to a specialist as soon as possible!

Yarrow Tea Contraindications

Don’t take Yarrow Tea if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Also, children and patients suffering from digestive tract severe problems should avoid taking it at all costs. If you are preparing for a surgery or if you’re on blood thinners and anti-coagulants, you may want to postpone a treatment based on Yarrow Tea as much as possible.

In order to gather more information, talk to a specialist. One you have the green light to start taking this tea, give it a try and enjoy the wonderful benefits of Yarrow Tea responsibly!

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