Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Papilionaceae; Fabaceae.

Habitat ► Native to North Africa; commonly grown in North Western India.

English ► Broad bean, Windsor bean.

Unani ► Baaqlaa.

Action ► Fresh beans—cooked alone or with meat, are prescribed in Unani medicine for cough, also for resolving inflammations. Externally, the bean and flowers are used as a poultice for inflammations, warts and burns.

A number of harmful principles are reported in the broad beans. A large amount of Dopa, mainly in free state and partly in the form of its beta- glucoside; and gluco alkaloids, vicine and convicine, have been isolated.

Ingestion of fresh, uncooked or partially cooked beans is not recommended.

The seeds gave positive test for hydrocyanic acid and also contain arsenic.

The fresh beans exhibit an oestro- genic activity. Phytoalexins of the immature seeds exhibit antifungal activity.

Malic, citric and glyceric acids are the principal organic acids present in the pods (also present in the hulls). The glyceric acid on subcutaneous injection produced a marked diuresis in rabbit. (A decoction of the leaves and stems of the field bean, Faba vulgaris Moench, is used as a diuretic.)

An aqueous extract of the root nodules exhibited vasoconstricting activity on rabbits.

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