Feb 12, 2014
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Vernonia patula Merrill.

Synonym ► V. chinensis Less.

Family ► Compositae; Asteraceae.

Habitat ► The Aka hills of Arunachal Pradesh, as a weed.

Action ► Leaves and roots— decoction used in colds and fevers. Young plants—used for the treatment of convulsions in children.

Family ► Scrophulariaceae.

Habitat ► Western Himalayas and Kashmir at 2,700-3,600 m.

English ► Brooklime.

Folk ► Titalokiyaa, Tezhak.

Action ► Antiscorbutic, blood purifier, alterative, diuretic. Used for scurvy, scrofulous affections, swollen piles, lithiasis, skin diseases, burns, ulcers.

The plant gave iridoid glycosides including aucubin; bitters and tannins. Aucubin has been reported to stimulate the uric acid secretion of the kidneys.

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