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Valeriana officinalis. N.O. Valerianaceae.

Synonym ► Capon’s Tail, Great Wild Valerian.

Habitat ► Found in many damp places such as low-lying meadows and woods, about the banks of rivers and lakes, and in marshy, swampy ground generally.

Features ► A handsome plant, growing from two to four feet and more high, whose stalks are round, thick, furrowed, and of a pale greenish colour. The leaves are pinnate with lance-shaped leaflets, growing opposite each other from the stem. The pink-white flowers (June to August) blossom in large tufts at the stalk head. A sweetish, disagreeable taste and unpleasant characteristic odour are given from the short, thick, greyish, many-fibred rootstock, which is the part used medicinally.

Action ► Nervine and antispasmodic.

Valerian promotes sleep and is much valued in hysteria, neuralgia and nervous debility, especially when combined with Scullcap, Mistletoe and Vervain. An infusion of 1 ounce to 1 pint of boiling water is taken in wineglass doses three or four times daily. Larger doses should not be taken.

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