Jun 21, 2014
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Valerian Tea – Insomnia Treatment

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Valerian Tea has been known for centuries as a very good remedy when it comes to calming and tranquilizing the affected areas of the human body. Although the first ones to use its wonderful benefits were the Chinese, Valerian Tea became soon popular around the globe.

Many painkillers found today in drug stores contain Valerian extract. Valerian is a plant with green pin-like leaves and pink flowers that grows mainly in Asia and Northern Europe. Although the entire plant can be used for medical purposes, the alternative medicine has a cult for its roots that can be used freshly picked, dried or turned into powder.

Valerian Tea Properties

The best thing about Valerian Tea is that it contains a lot of active ingredients that are able to treat external damages, such as localized pains. Also, a treatment based on Valerian Tea can bring relief in case of internal problems as well.

Valerian Tea has a peculiar taste that is both spicy and sweet, so you can add honey and lemon in order to make it more adequate. However, if you can handle the taste, you’ll have to deal with the smell. There have been many complaints about the strong and rather unpleasant smell.

Valerian Tea Benefits

Valerian Tea may come in hand in many health problems, thanks to a great alkaline level and to the ability to treat affections in almost no time. Unlike other teas, Valerian Tea has a very rapid effect on your health system. This tea could be a great help if you are suffering from one of the following conditions:

– Chronic insomnia and sleeplessness, by allowing endomorphins in your body to be released easier.

– Affections of the nervous system such as hysteria and restlessness.

– Menstrual pains, by calming the affected areas and increasing the blood flow. Also, Valerian Tea can bring relief to abdominal muscles

– Irritable bowel movement, by soothing the intestine pains and preventing stomach cramps.

– Convulsions and muscle spasms, by lowering the blood pressure and enhancing the muscular elasticity.

– Valerian Tea is a good tumor growth inhibitor.

How to make Valerian Tea Infusion

When preparing Valerian Tea you need to make sure that the roots you are using are from a trusted provider. There are many roots of unknown provenience sold as Valerian on the market, so pay attention to that. If you have the good ingredients, use about a teaspoon of herbs for every cup of tea you want to make.

Add boiling water and wait for 10 or 15 minutes. If the roots are dried, wait another 5 minutes for the health benefits to be released. Drink it hot or cold, but don’t drink more than 2 cups per day. Remember this is a medical treatment and Valerian Tea cannot replace coffee!

Valerian Tea Side Effects

When taken properly, Valerian Tea has almost no side effects at all. However, high dosages may lead to a number of complications such as severe headaches or upset stomach. Also, if you’ve been taking a treatment based on Valerian Tea and you’re experiencing vomiting episodes, talk to your doctor as soon as possible!

Valerian Tea Contraindications

Do not take Valerian Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. The same advice if you are suffering from a severe disease and need to take blood thinners. In this case, Valerian Tea may lead to coronary problems due to cell walls damaging.

Also, if you have a decreased liver function or preparing for a major surgery, avoid this tea at all costs! If you have a doubt concerning Valerian Tea, talk to a specialist before making any move. Other than that, there’s no reason not to try Valerian Tea and enjoy its wonderful health benefits responsibly! Follow our instructions and give it a try next time you’re in a teashop.

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