Jun 21, 2014
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Usnea Tea Infection Treatment

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Usnea Tea has been known for centuries as a great remedy in case of infection, bacteria and microbes. Usnea is a plant also known as old man’s beard that grows in many varieties in regions from America and Europe. You can recognize it by its fuzzy strings that actually resemble to a grey beard.

These strings are the leaves and they tend to extend to the entire territory that’s to their disposal, being able to invade forests thanks to its parasitic nature. However, Usnea tree is very useful in alternative medicine and not only to treat infection and bacteria. Usnea Tea has also a couple of aces up his sleeves.

Usnea Tea Properties

The main property of Usnea Tea is that thanks to its active ingredients it allows your health system to recover very fast and fight all kinds of invaders, such as parasites and bacteria. Its action involves bringing strength to your immune system and fighting diseases.

The most important substances of this tea are: acid, essential fatty acids, mucilage and sterol. These ingredients turn Usnea Tea into an organic anti-bacterial treatment.

Usnea Tea Benefits

Aside from its ability to fight bacteria and microbes, Usnea Tea’s benefits also involve bringing relief in case you’re suffering from one of the following problems:

– Infections of your digestive track (fungal infections in the mouth, stomach or intestines).

– Disorders of your lungs, such as pneumonia, pleurisy, colds or flu.

– Bacterial infections, irritated stomach or skin rash.

– You can use Usnea smashed leaves to make a antibacterial dressing for the affected areas (in case you want to treat external infections.

How to make Usnea Tea Infusion

Preparing Usnea Tea infusion is very easy. All you need to do is infuse the usnea lichen in hot water and wait for 8 or 10 minutes. After that, take out the herb and drink the decoction hot or cold. You can take ¼ cups of Usnea Tea every hour, just remember to take some time off from the treatment every now and then.

Usnea Tea Side Effects

Don’t forget that Usnea Tea is a treatment and should only be taken as long as you are sick and by paying attention to the amount of liquid ingested. Although it has many benefits, this tea cannot replace coffee, so don’t turn it into a daily habit.

If you’re unsure concerning this tea, it’s best to ask a specialist in order to find out more about the ups and downs that could interfere with your general well-being. If taken properly, Usnea Tea has no side effects at all. However, high dosages may lead to internal bleedings, nausea and vomiting. If you notice anything unusual when taking this treatment, talk to a doctor as soon as possible!

Usnea Tea Contraindications

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to avoid taking Usnea Tea. The same advice if you suffer from a serious condition and you’re on blood thinners. This way, you’ll prevent your coronary walls from erupting.

If you’ve got the green light from the specialist, ask more about Usnea Tea next time you’re in a teashop and give it a try!

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