Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Usneaceae.

Habitat ► Common in temperate and alpine Himalayas, as a moss on trees.

English ► Lichen.

Unani ► Ushnaa.

Action ► Moss—used as an expectorant and in the treatment of ulcers.

Key application ► German Commission E approves Usnea (dried thallus of U. barbata, U.florida, U. hirta and U. plicata) for mild inflammations of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa.

Usnea preparations are used clinically by North American herbalists for antibacterial action against Grampositive bacteria in local or systemic infections and for antifungal action against Candida albicans. (Expanded Commission E Monographs.)

U. longissima contains 3-4% usnic acid, also barbatic acid and arabitol. Usnic acid and barbatic acid possess marked anti-tubercular activity. Bar- batic acid produces usnic acid, is active against Streptococcus haemolyticus and pneumococcus sp. and inhibits the growth of tubercle bacillus.

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