Jun 21, 2014
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Turmeric Tea Acne Treatment

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Turmeric Tea has been known for centuries thanks to its popularization done by the Ayurvedic medicine. The main field where this tea has the greatest effects is the anti-inflammatory one.

Turmeric is a perennial plant originally from India, but which can be found almost everywhere around the globe, where it’s used as a health adjuvant. Turmeric grows up to 1 meter tall (3 feet) and it has green lance-shaped leaves that hide the stamina in, during the hot season. The roots of this herb resemble to a rhizome and can easily be confused with ginger.

Turmeric Tea Properties

The anti-inflammatory property of Turmeric Tea is due to an active ingredient called curcumin, which is actually a group of very strong antioxidants. Also, curcumin is the substance that makes Indian food and the tea, as well, look yellow. It is important to know that this group of antioxidants prevents and treats inflammations by inhibiting all infection triggers and by cleansing the affected areas.

Turmeric Tea Benefits

Aside from its anti-inflammatory properties, Turmeric Tea is a great remedy in case you are suffering from one of the following conditions:

– Joint and bone pains (in order to treat these affections, you can either drink the tea or topically apply the smashed Turmeric leaves).

– Skin conditions, such as acne. Turmeric Tea (applied on the spot or drank) can also heal the scars of bad acne.

– Arthritis, tendonitis or bursitis, by calming the pain and making your coronary walls much more elastic.

– Cholesterol, gallstones and other digestive track problem.

– Alzheimer, gingivitis, upset stomach, bad breath and other conditions that may weaken your general well-being.

How to make Turmeric Tea Infusion

In order to make Turmeric Tea infusion, you need to follow these steps: properly wash the parts that you are about to use (leaves or rhizome), put them in a teapot and add water. Boil for 8 or 10 minutes and let it infuse for another 5 minutes. You can add a small amount of ginger or honey if you feel that the taste is too strong. Don’t drink more than 3 cups per day.

Turmeric Tea Side Effects

When taken properly, Turmeric Tea has no side effects at all. However, a high dosage may cause irritations of the stomach and hallucinations. It’s best to ask for specialized help before starting a treatment based on Turmeric Tea.

Turmeric Tea Contraindications

Do not take Turmeric Tea if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It may cause uterine contractions and irritated stomach. The same advice if you are on blood thinners. If you have already taken it and were not aware of this, talk to a doctor immediately! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If your doctor gives you his approval, buy Turmeric Tea from a trusted provider and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this well-known Ayurvedic herb!

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