Jun 21, 2014
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Tribulus Tea Libido Enhancer

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Tribulus Tea is a well known for its aphrodisiac properties and for its ability to enhance the sexual activity, even if Tribulus plant is still considered a pest in many areas of the world. Tribulus is a perennial herb that grows mainly in sunny and warm places, such as Southern Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, with small green leaves and bright yellow flowers. Its fruits contain a fruit that is round and hard. You can recognize it by its short needles, places on the back side of the leaves and all over the roots.

Tribulus Tea Properties

The main ingredient of Tribulus Tea is called steroidal sapoins and it can be found mainly in the leaves. However, drinking too much Tribulus Tea may increase your body’s toxicity level and cause great damages to your health. A great amount of steroidal sapoins is hard to be flushed out of your system, so if you’re not sure about taking it and you don’t know how much steroidal sapoins your system can take, talk to a herbalist or to your doctor.

Tribulus Tea Benefits

Tribulus Tea is a great help when it comes to increasing the libido. However, too much of it may cause you problems. It is also used to treat infertility in men, some erectile disorders and it is said that Tribulus Tea has also anti-tumor properties. Herbalists say that this tea can also increase your muscular mass, lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol.

How to make Tribulus Tea Infusion

Preparing Tribulus Tea involves following a number of simple steps. Take the fresh or dried herbs (you can use any parts of tribulus plant), put them in a teapot and add boiling water. Leave it for 10 or 15 minutes and drink it hot or cold. Use a teaspoon of herbs for every cup of tea and don’t drink more than 1 or 2 cups per day, for a short time period.

Do not turn drinking Tribulus Tea into a daily habit, just take it as long as you need to take advantage of its benefits and then take some time off. This way, your system will be able to flush away any trace of toxicity that this tea could leave.

Tribulus Tea Side Effects

The main concern when it comes to taking Tribulus Tea is that you shouldn’t drink more than one or two cups per day, for not longer than 7 days. When enhancing your libido, Tribulus Tea increases your hormone level, especially your estrogen and testosterone level.

If you are a female, pay attention to hair growth and other male characterics, and if you are a male, make sure you keep an eye on how your glands are behaving. Let’s not forget that Tribulus Tea is a medical treatment and should not be used unsupervised. Before starting a Tribulus Tea Treatment, talk to a specialist.

Tribulus Tea Contraindications

Do not take Tribulus Tea if you are suffering from one of these conditions: stomach disorders, ulcers, breast and prostate cancers as well as other hormone-dependent problems. The same advice if you are pregnant or breastfeeding: since the active ingredient of this tea enhances your libido by increasing your hormone level, it is best to avoid taking it. If you have already taken it and you’re experiencing vomiting episodes or any other side effect, talk to your doctor as soon as possible!

But, if both your health and will are strong, there’s no reason not to take Tribulus Tea. At least give it a try and enjoy the wonderful benefits of this tea!

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