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Synonym ► T. natans Linn. var. bispinosa (Roxb.) Makino. T. quadrispinosa Wall.

Family ► Trapaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India.

English ► Water Chestnut.

Ayurvedic ► Shrngaataka, Shrngaata, Shrngamuula, Trikota, Jalapha- la, Trikonaphala, Paaniyaphala, Jalkanda, Trikona, Trika.

Unani ► Singhaaraa.

Siddha ► Singara

Action ► The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India recommends the use of dried kernels in bleeding disorders, threatened abortion, dysuria, polyuria and oedema.

Flour of dried kernels is used in preparations for breaking fast in India. The flour is rich in proteins and minerals. The flour, prepared from dried kernels, ofred and white varieties contain: phosphorus 45, 48; sulphur 122.81, 130.16; calcium 60, 20; magnesium 200, 160; sodium 100, 80; and potassium 1800, 1760 mg/100 g; iron 145.16, 129.02 and manganese 18.93, 11.36 ppm, respectively. The starch, isolated from flour, consists of 15% amylose and 85% amylopectin.

Dosage ► Dried seed—5-10 g powder. (API, Vol. IV.)

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