Feb 12, 2014
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T. lucidum (D. Don) K.

Family ► Apocynaceae.

Habitat ► Temperate and subtropical Himalaya from Kumaon to Arunachal Pradesh and in Assam, Meghalaya up to 2,100 m.

Folk ► Duudhi (Kumaon), Akhaahi- lataa (Assam).

Action ► Used as a substitute for Alstonia scholaris.

T. jasminoides Lem. (Star-Jasmine), native to China and Japan, is cultivated all over India. Alkaline extracts of the leaf and stem show activity against yeast. The leaves and twigs contain dambonitol, cyclitol, arctiin, tracheloside, beta-amyrin and its acetate, lu- peol acetate, and a mixture of beta- stosterol, stigmasterol and campes- terol. A flavone glycoside was isolated from the butanol extract of dried leaves and several indole alkaloids from the alcoholic extract of dried leaves and twigs.

The leaves, stem and twigs are used for treating rheumatic arthritis, nervous disorders, urine retention and as a tonic for weak muscles or nerves.

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