Feb 12, 2014
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sp. Linn.

Family ► Tiliaceae.

Habitat ► Temperate regions of northern hemisphere. Spp. introduced into India: Tilia cordata Mill. (Himachal Pradesh at elevations of 2,100 m.) and T. europaea Linn., synonym T. vulgaris Hayne (Kulu, Manali and Simla).

English ► Small-leaved Lime or Linden and Common Lime or European Linden (respectively).

Action ► Flowers—nervine tonic, spasmolytic, sedative, hypotensive. An infusion is used for the treatment of hysteria and indigestion.

The flowers contain a volatile oil up to about 0.1% containing farnesol; flavonoids including hesperidin, quer- cetin, astralagin, tiliroside; phenolic acids such as chlorogenic and caffeic, tannins and mucilage (in the bract).

In Western herbal, the flowers are an ingredient in blood pressure tablets and mixtures and blood pressure medicinal teas.

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