Jun 21, 2014
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Teas for Relaxing

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Relaxation is the word we use when we want to describe the need to loosen up from all body tensions which accumulate during the day.

Since relaxation is a big subject which involves not only the headaches, but also ailments of the entire nervous system, it is best to drink a tea which specializes in nourishing the central system, such as:

– Lavender Tea

Chamomile Tea

– St. John’s Wort Tea

– Kava Tea.

How Teas for Relaxing Work

Thanks to their great alkaline level and their great amount of natural enzymes, these Teas for Relaxing have the opposite effect of those teas that are able to give you an energy boost. Unlike those, Teas for Relaxation lower your energy rush and try to maintain a medium level of adrenaline.

Some of them can actually help you sleep better. It’s also good to know that some of these Teas for Relaxing are also used by the pharmaceutical companies, as an adjuvant in creams and tinctures for cuts and opened wounds. Other than that, the scientists found out that these teas, when taken properly, might also fight other ailments of your digestive and nervous systems, such as diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea, migraines and severe headaches.

It is said that their action envisions a wide range of health problems which can be ameliorated in time, thanks to these Teas for Relaxing active constituents.

Efficient Teas for Relaxing

If you’re looking for a very efficient tea to relax your body, you may want to try one of the following:

– Chamomile Tea – induces a state of relaxation and well-being, having a pleasant taste and scent and it can be bought from almost any teashop or grocery store. Not only that, but it is also one hundred percent safe, so if you’re thinking about giving up on coffee and relaxing your body, just turn Chamomile Tea into your daily habit.

Mint Tea – one of the most popular Teas for Relaxing, Mint Tea is also a great help in case you’re suffering from respiratory problems or ailments of the digestive tract, such as diarrhea, upset stomach, colds or flu.

– Valerian Tea – increases your endorphin level and enhances your body’s capacity to fight bacteria and microbes. Ancient Romans used it as a sedative and sleep aid. However, when taking a treatment based on Valerian Tea, make sure you don’t exceed the number of cups recommended per day in order to avoid complications.

Teas you should avoid

When choosing Teas for Relaxing, it’s best to avoid decoctions and other types of remedy which could bring you an energy boost, such as:

Ginger Tea

Gingko Biloba Tea

Rosehip Tea

Side Effects of Teas for Relaxing

If you’re not sure about any of these Teas for Relaxing, ask a specialist in order to gather more information. When taken properly, these teas have no side effects. However, if you’ve been taking one or many of them for a while and you’re experiencing some unusual reactions, talk to a doctor as soon as possible and don’t try to treat it at home!

High dosages may lead to a number of complications such as nausea, vomiting, upset stomach or skin rash. Also, make sure you’re not allergic to any of these Teas for Relaxing before starting a treatment based on one of them!

But if there’s nothing to interfere with your treatment and you’re willing to give herbal treatments a try, choose one of these teas and enjoy its health benefits!

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