Jun 21, 2014
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Teas for Migraines

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Migraines are described as strong headaches associated with a certain discomfort of the nervous system.

Although practitioners around the world tried to find the ultimate cure for this ailment, they are still far from finding the miraculous cure.

Since ancient times, herbalists used a wide range of alternative remedies to induce a state of relaxation and bring relief to those suffering from migraines. However, modern medicine found new ways to treat this condition, even if no definitive cure has been provided yet.

Drink Teas for Migraines

Alternative medicine, however, gives you a hand. There are a lot of teas for migraines and headaches which can successfully be used in order to treat the affected areas and calm the localized pain. If you are suffering from this condition, you may want to try one of the following teas:

– Black Tea – when it comes to Teas for Migraines, Black Tea turns out to be quite a helper. Thanks to its anti-oxidant and alkaline properties, this natural remedy can calm your pain and release the necessary amount of active constituents.

– Catnip Tea – another name on the Teas for Migraines list is Catnip Tea, a powerful treatment with anesthetic, sedative and relaxing properties which can be found in almost any teashop. Just make sure that you’re buying the product from a trusted provider in order to avoid unnecessary complications.

Chamomile Tea – used in both the cosmetic and the pharmaceutical industries, Chamomile Tea is probably one of the world’s greatest panaceas. When choosing Teas for Migraines, you need to make sure that the herb you’re about to use has no side effects and that its action is rapid and very effective.

If that is the case, Chamomile Tea, with its calming and nourishing properties may be a good alternative to traditional medication. Also, if you suffer from sleeping disorders, Chamomile Tea might bring relief and a good night sleep.

Lavender Tea – used mostly for its memorable scent, Lavender is used by both the cosmetic industry and the cleaning products factories. However, when choosing Teas for Migraines, Lavender Tea may be just as important as the other too teas mentioned above. Thanks to a good level of tannis and volatile oils, Lavender Tea makes migraines go away within minutes.

Other Effective Teas for Migraines

Tansy Tea – although it is yet unknown to the European public, Tansy Tea is one of the most efficient Teas for Migraines in the alternative medicine. Tansy Tea contains tanacetin, volatile oil, tannic acid, parthenolides, which are toxic for your body in high dosages.

Although its action is very quickly, you need to be careful when taking a treatment based on Tansy Tea. Exceeding the recommended dosage may lead to death!

– Thyme Tea – known mostly for its ability to treat menstrual pain, Thyme Tea is also one of the Teas for Migraines we strongly recommend. Its active ingredient is a substance called thymol, which is responsible for the calming effect that this tea has on you and your health. Also, applied topically, Thyme Tea is a good remedy for cuts and opened wounds.

– White Peony Root Tea – used especially for its anti-inflammatory properties, White Peony Root Tea is probably the most effective and also the rarest of these Teas for Migraines. It contains a substance called paeoniflorin, which has a high anti-spastic action, so it can calm not only your migraines, but almost any type of localized pain.

The other ingredients, flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, tannins and polysaccharides make this particular herbal treatment work more efficient. By its own, paeniflorin is not as effective as used in combination with these other substances.

– Yucca Tea – familiar to the South American populations and almost unknown for the Europeans, Yucca Tea is one of the teas that could probably treat almost any kind of affection. When you look in the Teas for Migraines section, you’ll notice that Yucca Tea has its own place.

Thanks to a series of curative properties generated by the amount of saponins contained, Yucca Tea can treat other conditions of your body as well. If you suffer from arthritis or you just want a natural remedy for your hair, Yucca Tea is the answer!

– Yerba Mate Tea – drank from special reservoirs, Yerba Mate Tea is commonly known as “the Argentine coffee”. Although it might be a little difficult to find it if you live in Europe, in case you’re looking for Teas for Migraines and you run into a teashop specialized in Yerba Mate products, hold on to it!

It is said that this miraculous tea has all the ingredients necessary to sustain life. Specialists even call it “the new green tea”, thanks to its many curative properties.

If you suffer from severe migraines, there’s no point in spending a lot of money on traditional pain killers. Just give one of these teas a try and enjoy its wonderful benefits!

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