Jun 21, 2014
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Teas for Menstrual Pain

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Menstrual pain is known for its acute and localized action on the abdominal area. However, not all women suffer from this affection.The good thing about menstrual pain, however, is that this is not a chronic disease and that it can go away as quickly as it came to you.

All you have to do is treat it properly and wait for your body to respond. If the pain is very powerful and you need to put a stop to it, you may want to try taking an herbal treatment, in which case Raspberry leaf tea, Corn silk tea and Wild yam tea could be the answer.

How Teas for Menstrual Pain Work

Most of these Teas for Menstrual Pain involve helping your body release the right amount of endorphins in order to fight localized pain. Although menstrual pain is probably the most popular cause of distress for women around the world, alternative medicine found new ways to fight it alongside with traditional medicine.

However, choosing one of these Teas for Menstrual Pain will only make your system healthier, without having to worry for possible side effects. The main characteristic of these Teas for Menstrual Pains is that they have a pleasant taste and fragrance and that they are generally safe, unlike traditional medicines.

A cup of raspberry leaf tea brings relief to your abdominal area, by calming the muscles and increasing the uterus action.

Efficient Teas for Menstrual Pain

If you have a heavy menstrual flow or a severe pain crisis during periods, you may find out that the following Teas for Menstrual Pain could be the right answer to your problems:

– Cramp Bark Tea – thanks to its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, Cramp Bark Tea is one of the best Teas for Menstrual Pain there is! Unfortunately, it’s rather inaccessible to the European public.

However, if you find a shop that specializes in Cramp Bark products, hold on to it! Cramp Bark Tea can also be used as a detoxifier and a good face cleanser; when used topically, it may bring relief to your skin sores.

Raspberry Leaf Tea – this is a tea that may also come in hand in case you want to perform natural cosmetic procedures at home. Just soak a compress in Raspberry Leaf Tea and apply it on your face for 5 minutes to open and clean your pores. However, a cup of Raspberry Tea per day will improve your general health, bringing relief to those of you who are suffering from severe menstrual pain.

Corn Silk Tea – on this Teas for Menstrual Pain list, Corn silk Tea use needs extra caution. It is true that it can calm your menstrual pain, but you also need to measure the amount of tea you drink in order to avoid other complications: Corn Silk Tea is a very powerful urinary stimulant.

– Wild Yam Tea – one of the most dangerous Teas for Menstrual Pain, Wild Yam Tea can bring relief to all kinds of pain, starting with menstrual pain, stomach pain and ending with migraines and severe headaches. However, don’t take this tea if you have protein S deficiency or a hormone-sensitive condition, such as breast cancer, uterine fibroids or endometriosis.

Teas you should avoid

During menstruation, you may want to avoid all teas based on a high level of acids, such as green or black teas . They will only make your pain insufferable, by increasing your stomach acidity and also your heart beat.

Teas for Menstrual Pain Side Effects

When taken according to specifications, these Teas for Menstrual Pain are rarely dangerous.

However, if you’ve been taking one of them for a while and you’re experiencing some unusual reactions from your body, talk to a doctor as soon as possible. In high dosages, these teas may cause urinary dysfunctions, nausea, headaches and vomiting.

First, make sure you’re not allergic to the tea you’re about to take in order to avoid other health complications. Once you have the green light from your doctor, give these Teas for Menstrual Pain a try and enjoy their wonderful benefits wisely!

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