Jun 20, 2014
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Teas causing Abortion

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Abortion is a medical procedure of ending a pregnancy during its first 24 weeks.

There are several reasons why this medical process is carried out: a fetus’ or woman’s health issue or, most frequent, there are personal considerations which impede the woman to keep the baby.

No matter the reasons of an abortion, it should be made by a physician. Also, the woman’s post-abortion state requires medical observation, because there have been acknowledged physical and psychological effects after this medical condition.

Like any other medical procedure, abortion implies risks, like losing a large amount of blood (haemorrhage) or inflammation of the pelvis. Studies revealed that further miscarriages can be associated with earlier abortions, as the surgery may lead to the damage of the womb.

A pregnancy can be ended by a medical procedure or, by a traditional method, like drinking teas causing abortion.

How Tea for Abortion works

There are two categories of tea which lead to ending a pregnancy: emmenagogue and abortifacient teas.

The first type of tea induces woman’s period to start, whereas the second one causes painful contractions of the uterus, followed by abortion.

Teas leading to Abortion

Please read the list of some of the teas you should not drink if you are pregnant or, you try to become pregnant.

Blue Cohosh is a wood plant, growing in New England (United States) and also in Canada. It has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. It is generally used to treat rheumatism and to prevent osteoporosis. Muscles aches caused by physical effort are relieved by taking Blue Cohosh as tea, tincture or decoction.

It cannot stimulate the estrogen production thus, the body is not able to provide the endometrial and uterine growth, leading to contractions of the uterine and, finally, to a painful abortion.

Unfortunately, Blue Cohosh tea has been used for a long period of time as a medicinal and home-made beverage for abortion.

Pennyroyal is a plant from the mint family, whose essential oil is toxic if taken internally. In the past, women were poisoning themselves in the attempt of ending the pregnancy.

Taken as an infusion, the plant is efficient in mitigating the unpleasant feelings of the upset stomach, abdominal cramps , as well as colds.

Pennyroyal tea should not be drunk by pregnant women or by those who want to become pregnant, because it irritates the uterus, causing contractions and, of course, abortion.

Tansy is a herbaceous plant, originating from Europe, but also cultivated in the United States. It is best known for its action as an insect repellant, being used as treatment against worms.

It is a digestion adjuvant as well as a migraine reliever.

Tansy tea provides contractions of the uterus and abortion, which can be so violent that causes death, just like the above mentioned teas causing abortion. Uterine bleeding, nausea and loss of consciousness are some of the signs displayed by people who had ingested a large dose of the beverage.

Women should bear in mind that these three types of tea are scientifically proven to cause abortion. So, they should not consume them! Furthermore, women should ask their doctor for a list of the edible products while pregnancy, in order to avoid unpleasant situations of any kind.


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