Jun 21, 2014
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Tea for Liver

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Liver problems appear as a sign of weakness shown by your organism after a prolonged consumption of alcohol, drugs or medicines.

The main characteristic of these affections is that they are due to system intoxication and need to be repaired as quickly as possible. The liver is the organ responsible for our molecular exhaustion.

All the toxins in our body go straight to the liver in order to clear the blood and detoxify the entire mechanism.

When the liver is not functioning well, the main symptoms are: fatigue, stress, vascular malfunction and irradiated pain from the liver area to the entire body. Unsolved liver problems may lead to kidney failure and then to pulmonary edema or other respiratory disorder.

How Tea for Liver Works

A Tea for Liver is a natural supplement that can calm your localized pain and bring relief to those suffering from this affection. The main ingredients of these teas are based on a great amount of nourishing substances that can reconstruct the damaged liver cells or at least increase their action.

However, these teas are not recommended for severe liver problems. If the pain is unbearable, a tea is most likely to calm it for a while and then lose its positive effect on your body. If that is the case, you should see a doctor immediately.

Efficient Tea for Liver

When choosing a Tea for Liver, you must keep in mind the fact that it must be safe and nourishing. You don’t need a tea that is rich in volatile oils or other substances that slow the liver cells’ action. If you are not sure about your abilities to choose the right tea, here are some suggestions:

Green Tea – has all the necessary ingredients to sustain life. Also, its action includes nourishing the coronary system and the arteries, in order to enhance the blood flow through your organs

– Black Tea – more powerful than the Green Tea, the Black Tea is very effective, but more dangerous. If you’re also on your period or menopause, it’s best not to take it: it may cause abdominal acidity and discomfort.

Yerba Mate Tea – or the new green tea, how the specialists are calling it. Yerba Mate Tea can be used as a cure in order to rejuvenate the liver, but also as a treatment in cases of low blood pressure or digestive tract infections. Pay attention, though: more than 2 cups of Yerba Mate Tea per day may lead to a series of nervous system complications and even death!

Teas you should avoid

If you are suffering from liver problems, it’s best to avoid taking a tea with an elevated level of vitamins or acids. Although vitamins get directly to your blood and none of them reaches the liver, they have a tendency to enhance your body’s action towards other affected areas.

In other words, they make your antibodies be more preoccupied with a random scratch than with your liver problems. A Tea for Liver needs to be specialized in internal affections and only attract antibodies to the most important damages.

Tea for Liver contraindications

When taken properly, any Tea for Liver is safe. However, high dosage may lead to a number of complications, such as diarrhea, nausea and even death.

If you’re not very sure about starting a treatment based on one of these teas, talk to a specialist in order to gather more information.

If there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a Tea for Liver and enjoy its wonderful benefits responsibly!

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