Jun 20, 2014
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Tea for Immune System

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Your immune system consists of a series of antibodies and other microorganisms whose main purpose is to defend your system against external attacks.

When we have a cold or flu, the main thing that keeps us alive is this line of defense that keeps all bacteria, infections and microbes away from us.

Unfortunately, our immune system is not strong enough to fight all causes, so we need to enhance its power by taking a treatment.

How a Tea for Immune System Works

A Tea for Immune System must contain enough active constituents to fight a wide range of diseases. First of all, it must contain minerals, manganese, magnesium, iron, volatile oils, acids, tannins, nutrients and enzymes.

These teas can be taken as cures for a short amount of time (1 or 2 weeks) to enhance your body strength, so you mustn’t exaggerate when taking it.

Efficient Tea for Immune System

A Tea for Immune System must contain a lot of active constituents and it must be very effective. If you don’t know which teas to choose from, here’s a list to guide you on:

– Garlic Tea – can be found almost anywhere on the globe and it has a wide range of uses, from cuisine to pharmaceutical purposes. Also a great cure for diarrhea, this Tea for Immune System has a rather unpleasant taste and smell. Feel free to add honey, lemon, ginger or mint in order to make it more adequate.

Green Tea – probably the most important tea in the world, Green Tea contains all the ingredients necessary to promote a healthy life, full of great benefits. However, don’t take it in case you suffer from menstrual and menopausal pains in order to avoid stomach and uterus irritations.

– Yerba Mate Tea – the South American tea has a series of health advantages and it’s been named by the scientific society “the new green tea”. Drink it from a traditional bombilla or straight from a normal glass, but make sure you know which the risks are and that you’re taking this treatment under supervision.

– Ginseng Tea – this wonderful Chinese Tea is used as a main ingredient in the Asian cuisine, but also as a great adjuvant in cases of nausea, vomiting and auto-immune deficiencies. However, make sure that you’re using the right amount of herbs when preparing this decoction in order to avoid developing a acid foods and drinks intolerance!

Tea for Immune System Side Effects

When taken properly, these teas are generally safe. However, drinking more tea than it’s recommended may lead to constipation, upset stomach or even death. Talk to your doctor before starting any kind of herbal treatment and find out which are the risks.

Don’t take a treatment based on a Tea for Immune System if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, on anti coagulants, blood thinners or preparing for a surgery. Also, children must be kept away from these teas since there’s no study to prove how safe it is for them.

When in doubt, always ask your doctor. If he says there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a tea that fits you best and enjoy its health benefits!

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