Jun 20, 2014
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Tea for Gallstones

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Gallstones are solid accumulations that stick to your gallbladder due to impurities, kidney failure or other health problems.

Usually, your doctor would prescribe a laser surgery to dissolve them, but many practitioners recommend an herbal treatment before sharpening their scalpels.

You must also take into consideration the fact that the surgery is painful and expensive while the herbal treatment costs you nothing.

How a Tea for Gallstones Works

A Tea for Gallstones’ main goal is to trigger a positive response from your body and make it produce the enzymes necessary for the gallstones absorption.

In order to do that, a Tea for Gallstones must contain the right amount of active constituents, such as acids, natural enzymes, tannins, nutrients and minerals (iron, sodium, manganese and magnesium are well known for their curative properties, especially when it comes to removing gallstones and other gallbladder affections).

Efficient Tea for Gallstones

When starting a treatment based on a Tea for Gallstones, you must keep in mind the fact that it must be both efficient and one hundred percent safe.

Ingesting a small amount of tea every now and then will make your body produce all the necessary substances to fight the solid accumulations and heal the affected areas. However, drinking more tea than it’s advised will not make you healthy faster.

Just take your time and wait for the treatment to be effective. If you don’t know which teas are good, here’s a list to choose from:

Green Tea –this Tea for Gallstones has all the ingredients necessary to sustain life, as the scientists have shown, so it’s good for a number of health problems, from sore throats to diabetes.

Green Tea contains an elevated level of acids so it can dissolve your gallstones in no time. However, make sure you don’t take it if you’re experiencing menopausal or menstrual symptoms.

Milk Thistle Tea – contains an active ingredient called silymarin and it’s recommended for a wide range of affections which include gallstones and other kidney problems. However, don’t take more than 2 cups per day for a short time period (1 or 2 weeks) in order to avoid other health complications.

– Globe Artichoke Tea – is very effective in all kidney problems, especially kidney failure and gallstones. This Tea for Gallstones contains antioxidants, such as caffeylquinic acids which has proven its curative properties in the past years. However, if you’re pregnant, you may want to talk to your doctor before making any move.

Tea for Gallstones Side Effects

When taken properly, these teas are generally safe. Exceeding the number of cups recommended per day, however, might lead to a series of health complications, such as diarrhea, constipation, headaches, skin rash and even vomiting.

If you’ve been taking one of these teas for a while and you’ve noticed some unusual reactions, talk to your doctor as soon as possible!

If you have the medical approval and there’s nothing that could interfere with your treatment, choose a Tea for Gallstones that fits best your needs and enjoy its great benefits!

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