Jun 20, 2014
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Tea for Fibroids

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Fibroids are described as growths of your uterus muscles.

This problem doesn’t really affect your uterus, but your cervix and the rest of your female reproductive system.

A large number of hysterectomies are performed every month around the world, even if traditional medicine found other treatments as well.

However, hysterectomy remains the only permanent remedy, even if it means that your uterus will be removed from your body.

Alternative medicine fans advice against it due to the mental state that follows this procedure. It’s true that many women say they feel less of a woman since they had their hysterectomy.

If you’re suffering from fibroids and you want to avoid a major surgery and a depression, choose a Tea for Fibroids and see how it goes!

How a Tea for Fibroids Works

A Tea for Fibroids’ main purpose is to get rid of the unwanted growths and stop them from developing in future. Their effect may take from a couple of days to several months, depending on the organism.

Thanks to their anti inflammatory properties, these teas have the ability to restore your general health and your well being. However, don’t forget that this is a medical treatment and it shouldn’t be taken unsupervised.

Efficient Tea for Fibroids

A Tea for Fibroids must be both efficient and safe (you don’t want more complications). If you don’t know which teas to choose from, here’s a list to guide you on:

Chamomile Tea – has anti inflammatory and anti septic properties which allows you to use it for almost any health problem you have. Doctors prescribe a cure of Chamomile Tea in most fibroids cases mostly because it’s one hundred percent safe.

The other reason is that there are no side effects and you can drink as much as you want. It has a pleasant taste and a lovely fragrance, so you can even turn it into a daily habit!

Willow Bark Tea – is a well known pain reliever and a great fever reducer. Its action on abnormal growths consists of decreasing their negative effect on your health and slowly eliminating them. However, don’t drink more than 2 cups per day for no longer than 2 months in order to avoid other health complications.

Nettle Herb Tea – it’s rich in acids and minerals and it’s also good for menopause, infertility in women and menstruation. You can find it in almost any teashop and preparing it at home couldn’t be any easier! Don’t drink more than 2 cups per day for a small amount of time (2 weeks).

Tea for Fibroids Side Effects

When taken properly, these teas are generally safe. However, exceeding the number of cups recommended per day may lead to vomiting, nausea, headaches or uterine contractions. Don’t take a treatment based on a Tea for Fibroids if you’re breastfeeding, on anti coagulants or blood thinners.

When in doubt, always ask your doctor’s opinion. Also, don’t start an herbal treatment without gathering more information! If you’ve been taking one of these teas for a while and you’re experiencing some unusual reactions, ask for medical assistance and don’t try to treat it at home!

If you have the green light from your doctor, choose a Tea for Fibroids that fits best your needs and enjoy its health benefits!

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