Jun 20, 2014
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Tea for Fasting

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Fasting gain a big popularity among people around the world, during the past years, thanks to a number of alternative medicine adepts, which expressed their belief that fasting, every now and then, is good for your health.

Although fasting is an ancient Christian habit, more and more people are adopting it as a way of life and less for its religious purpose.

Some people see fasting as a way of losing weight and cleanse their body. When fasting, Christians don’t eat or drink anything but water.

Health fasting means only eat or drink one type of food or drinks. Some people choose only to eat grapefruits, for example, some others only to drink tea. If this is your case, this article is for you.

How Tea for Fasting Works

First of all, not any tea can be used for fasting. You need to choose one with many health benefits and as many active ingredients as possible. Other than that, it must also be safe, since nothing else is ingested and your body needs to feed on something.

Also, do not neglect your health by extending the fasting period or you will only starve yourself to death! Your diet must be a well-balanced one, in general, so when you’ve decided to try this type of body cleansing, make sure you take all the necessary measures of precaution so that this treat will only do you good.

A Tea for Fasting’s main goal is to keep you energized during this rough time, providing your body with all the necessary supplements, starting from vitamins and ending with natural enzymes.

Efficient Tea for Fasting

When choosing a Tea for Fasting, you must keep in mind the fact that this one has to be both rich in nutrients and active constituents and one hundred percent safe (during the fasting, your body is very weak and the tea only provides a small quantity of immune defense). If you don’t know which teas are good for your purpose, here is a list to guide you:

Green Tea – is rich in vitamins and has the ability to keep you alive for several hours in which time your body will feel a lot better, rejuvenated and nourished. Also, if you have a cholesterol problem, this Tea for Fasting will lower its level and decrease your blood pressure. It’s an excellent tea if there are a couple of pounds you want to lose.

Yerba Mate Tea – considered “the new green tea” by the specialists, this Tea for Fasting contains all the active ingredients capable to sustain life. Although South Americans are very familiar to this tea, it remains yet unknown to the European public. However, if you find a teashop specialized in Yerba Mate, hold on to it! Make sure you do not drink too much, though! Yerba Mate Tea has a very powerful reaction and in high dosages may lead to death!

Tea for Fasting Side Effects

When taken properly, these teas are generally safe. However, exceeding the number of cups recommended per day will lead to a number of complications, starting with diarrhea and upset stomach and ending with death.

Do not take any of these teas for fasting f you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on blood thinners or anti coagulant, or preparing for a major surgery. Some of these teas may interfere with your anesthetic and cause death. Talk to a specialist or to your doctor in order to gather more information and be aware of the risks.

Once you have the medical approval, choose a Tea for Fasting that fits best your needs and enjoy its natural health benefits!

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