Jun 20, 2014
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Tea for blood pressure

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As a natural beverage, a cup of tea brings you many health benefits. One of them is related to blood pressure. Based on the type of tea you drink, it can help lower your blood pressure. Find out more about teas for blood pressure!

Problems with blood pressure

Blood pressure represents the pressure made by the circulating blood on the walls of the blood vessels. However, problems appear in the case of hypertension and hypotension.

Hypertension is a medical condition caused by a high blood pressure, while hypotension is caused by a low blood pressure. Both can be treated with one of the various types of tea for blood pressure.

Tea for high blood pressure

If you’ve got problems with hypertension (high blood pressure), hibiscus tea can help, as it is known to lower blood pressure. You can also pick one of these herbal teas: chrysanthemum tea, flax tea, periwinkle tea, red root tea, self-heal tea, white peony root tea, valerian tea, or wild cherry bark tea.

You can also drink hyssop tea, barberry tea, and rosemary tea, regardless of the blood pressure problem. These three teas will help regulate your blood pressure and reduce the risk of getting either high or low blood pressure problems.

Tea for low blood pressure

In the case of hypotension (low blood pressure), some of the teas you can try include lovage tea, ephedra tea, wu yi tea, cat’s claw tea, vervain tea, or wheatgrass tea. Black tea can help too, though you have to be careful with it as it has a high content of caffeine.

Forbidden teas for blood pressure problems

There are several teas which you should avoid drinking, no matter if you’ve got problems with high blood pressure or low blood pressure. The list of teas you shouldn’t drink includes arnica tea, black cohosh tea, gentian tea, juniper tea, lobelia tea, red ginseng tea, sage tea, stone root tea, and yohimbe tea.

Also, generally it isn’t recommended to drink tea that lowers blood pressure if you’ve got hypotension, or tea that leads to high blood pressure if you’ve got hypertension.

Whether you’ve got problems with high blood pressure or low blood pressure, try a more natural treatment: choose one of the many teas for blood pressure!

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