Jun 21, 2014
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Stevia Tea Information

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Stevia Tea is made from a green plant native to Paraguay with nutritious leaves up to 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. Stevia Tea contains numerous vitamins and nutrients and it has no calories, but its sweet taste reduces the craving for sweets and aids in the weight loss process. It does not adversely affect the blood sugar level and it can be enjoyed by both diabetics and obese people.

Stevia Tea Brewing

Stevia Tea can be added to other teas as a replacement for artificial sweetners. Pour one cup of unboiled hot water or other type of beverage over the Stevia Tea bag and let it steep for about three to five minutes. You can serve it hot or iced.

If you use Stevia leaves to prepare your Stevia Tea cup, all you need to do is pour hot water over a couple of leaves and it will be ready in only a few minutes. There is no need to add sugar or honey because of its natural sweetness which serves as the perfect substitute.

Stevia Tea Health Benefits

Stevia, also called “honeyleaf” or “sweet herb”, is considered a miracle plant due to its health restoring benefits. Its leaves contain numerous beneficial minerals which include calcium, zinc, potassium and carbohydrates, as well as A and C vitamins. Stevia Tea can be used as an aid in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure and heartburn. Other health benefits of Stevia Tea include the improvement of digestion, oral health and hygene. The water based stevia concentrate has alo been used for treating skin conditions such as acnea. It is beneficial in skin care, having a smoothing and softening effect.

Stevia Tea Side Effects

The reportedside effects of Stevia Tea include dizziness, nausea and bloating, numbness and mild muscle pain, but none of them were long-lasting. Stevia may interfere with the blood sugar level, potentially lowering it, but caution is advisable among people with diabetes. Patients who already have a low blood pressure should avoid it because another effect of Stevia Tea is lowering the blood pressure. Although there are no long-term side effects, it is recommended that pregnant and nursing women avoid it also until more conclusive research is conducted.

Sweetening your tea with stevia will bring your cup a delighful taste, without any unpleasant aftertaste. Enjoy a nice sweet cup of Stevia Tea and benefit from its nutritional value and extraordinarily valuable health effects!

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