Feb 19, 2014
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Urginea scilla. N.O. Liliaceae.

Synonym ► Scilla.

Habitat ► Grown near the sea coast in Sicily and Malta.

Features ► A large bulbous plant, Scilla is imported in the form of dried, curved segments of the white, bulbous root, which are tough, dirty white in colour, and approximate two inches long by a quarter-inch wide. The fracture is short, taste acrid. The powdered bulb is very hydroscopic, and should consequently be kept airtight. An Indian variety is used throughout the East, and has similar properties to the above.

Part used ► Bulb.

Action ► Expectorant, emetic.

As an expectorant for coughs and all bronchial affections. Is used generally to allay irritation of mucous surfaces. Dose, 2 to 10 grains of the powdered bulb. Large doses produce emesis.

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