Jun 23, 2014
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Solomon`s Seal Tea Health Benefits

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Solomon’s Seal Tea is a very good remedy when it comes to heart problems and not only. Solomon’s Seal plant is a medicinal herb well known for its healing properties that can easily be recognized by its long green leaves and pale yellow flowers. You are probably more familiar to its cultivated cousin, Lily of the Valley. Solomon’s Seal plant has a large variety of types and it can be found in North America, Northern Europe and Siberia and it can be grown by division or by seeds. Solomon’s Seal was named after King Solomon the Hebrew, who was granted a lot of wisdom from God. According to herbal lore, Solomon put his royal seal on this plant’s leaves after recognizing its great benefits.

Solomon’s Seal Tea Properties

Solomon’s Seal tea is best known for its therapeutic use. You can make a tonic out of it, a hot tea or a tincture. All you need to do is find the use that bits you best and go for it! But make sure you do not eat or even touch the fruits, the leaves or the stems: they are poisonous ! The main substances of Solomon’s Seal tea are vitamins, saponins (similar to diosgenin), flavonoids. A solution made of roost or rhizomes is used in alternative medicine as an astringent, demulcent, and tonic. The dried roots are a great laxative and restorative, and is does wonders when it comes to inflammations of the stomach, indigestion, profuse menstruation, piles, general debility, bowels and chronic dysentery. You can also apply Solomon’s Seal roots on open cuts or eczema.

Solomon’s Seal Tea Benefits

Solomon’s Seal tea is useful for a lot of things and it has proven its medical and culinary utility in time. Ladies will find this plant very interesting and nevertheless important: a decoction made of Solomon’s Seal can be used as an excellent face rinse (think of it as a natural makeup remover or an organic face treatment). Solomon’s Seal tea is also a good remedy when it comes to kidney problems, heart conditions and nevertheless sexual problems. A solution of Solomon’s Seal can be used in case of internal bleeding, indigestion and other stomach and digestive system complaints. Let’s not forget that oil infused with Solomon’s Seal tea should always be kept in the medical cabinet: is great for broken bones or strains, torn ligaments and joint problems.

How to make Solomon’s Seal Tea Infusion

Solomon’s Seal tea can only be made from this herb’s rhizomes. What you need to do is take the roots and boil them for 15-20 minutes (depending on how dry they are). If they are freshly harvested, 10 minutes should do the trick. Put the solution in a bottle and drink it whenever you feel like it, but not more that 2 cups per day. Drinking too much Solomon’s Seal tea can cause diarrhea and other stomach problems.

Solomon’s Seal Tea Side Effects

Solomon’s Seal tea has few side effects. However, a high dosage may cause aching finger joints or heart burn. If any of that happened to you, see a doctor as soon as possible!

Solomon’s Seal Tea- Contraindications

Do not take Solomon’s Seal tea if you are suffering from diarrhea or other digestive track conditions, such as ulcer. It may cause serious damage to you and your body. Before starting any type of diet or treatment that involves Solomon’s Seal tea, see a doctor first.

The benefits of Solomon’s Seal tea are many. Next time you’re looking for a natural treatment, add Solomon’s Seal Tea to your shopping list and just give it a try!

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