Jun 23, 2014
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Soapwort Tea Benefits

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For many years, the uses of Soapwort tea only involved laundry cleaning. According to today’s herbalists, it’s not the case anymore. Soapwort is a plant that grows in Europe, North America and Asia. You can easily recognize it by its pink flowers and green leaves. This is a perennial plant, whose aerial parts are picked during the summer, while the roots can only be harvested in the fall. Ancient Greeks used this herb to clean their laundry, making it a very good natural detergent, but the benefits of Soapwort plant consist mainly of its medical use.

Properties of Soapwort Tea

You can use Soapwort tea for external use, but some say that a diet based on this plant can be a great treatment for your health. Soapwort is a strong purgative and vomit inducer (not to mention that it tastes like a soap), so it’s up to you if you’re going to drink it or not. Also, you need to decide if you’re using the aerial parts or the roots. If the first ones are excellent in case of severe diarrhea, the roots of Soapwort plant are a bit stronger and may have a negative effect on you and your health.

Soapwort Tea Benefits

You can use Soapwort Tea in case you have a mild skin condition, such as irritation or eczema, but you can also use the boiled solution as a natural shampoo. Herbalists say that Soapwort tea can clean your hair better than any cosmetic product, since it doesn’t have any chemical ingredients. All you have to do is poor it on your hair and leave it in for about 5-10 minutes, depending on how long your hair is. Soapwort tea is a great gout and rheumatism cure: drink a cup of tea every day and you’ll feel a lot better because of the anti-inflammatory properties that this plant has. If you suffer from arthritis, add Soapwort plant to your shopping list for the same reason.

How to make Soapwort Infusion

Soapwort tea infusion is more of a boiled solution that you can keep in a jar for a very long time (in your refrigerator), since it has the same benefits both cold and hot. What you need to do is make sure the parts you are about to use are clean (you don’t want any bacteria to interfere with your treatment). Then, you boil the ingredients for 15-30 minutes: 15 minutes if you’re using Soapwort powder and 30 minutes if you’re using the dry roots.

Soapwort Tea side effects

If you are using Soapwort tea internally, make sure you are supervised by a qualified herbalist, because it can cause stomach pain and other digestive track problems, such as ulcers and gastritis. It’s best to think of Soapwort plant as of any other detergent, so if drinking a detergent solution sounds bad, you should probably think again about drinking Soapwort tea. Although the benefits of this plant are great, make sure you are well-informed before starting an internal treatment and ask for help from advised personnel only.

Soapwort Tea Contraindications

Do not take Soapwort tea if you are already suffering from gastric problems, laryngitis and other throat conditions. Soapwort tea is basically used topically because of its corrosive property. However, if you are in a good shape and you’ve got the green light from your doctor concerning an internal treatment, go for it: the benefits are great!

So, if you want your hair to be healthy and shiny in a natural way, don’t forget to give Soapwort tea a try next time you are looking for a good shampoo!

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