Jun 23, 2014
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Snow Bud Tea

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White tea is one of the most subtle and delicate of all varieties of tea. Discover the unique features of a well known type of white tea – Snow bud tea and learn more about its benefits.

About Snow bud tea

Snow bud tea belongs to the family of white teas which is one of the softest types of tea. Coming from Fujian province of China, this tea is delicious and fascinating, most appreciated by tea lovers. From each bush, only the finest tea leaves are used, with a minimal amount of processing. Tea buds and leaves are harvested in early spring before opening, when they are still covered with white hair. After that they are left in natural sunlight for whitening and drying.

Also called Xue Ya, Snow bud tea is an airy, light tea with a subtle, gentle taste. It has a very delicate body, with an effervescent texture. Its transparent infusion has a flavor similar to toasted grains or baked sweet potatoes. The color of this tea can be similar to both green or white tea, but mostly it is light yellow.

How to brew Snow bud tea

When preparing the Snow bud tea, spring water would be most suitable, in order to avoid impurities.

Remember to never boil the water, as it will ruin the taste of infusion. The ideal temperature for this tea ranges from 70ºC to 80ºC (approx. 160ºF to 175ºF). Infuse it for approximately 5 minutes and enjoy the rich taste. Because it is a quite expensive tea assortment, you can brew it more than once using the same leaves. This will also lower the caffeine content and will result in a mellow, gentle taste.

Benefits of Snow bud tea

Chinese people believe that Snow bud tea is refreshing and it has even cooling and detoxifying properties. Recent studies have demonstrated that, compared to other types of tea, this one has one of the highest concentration of catechins, almost three times bigger than green tea. Lack of fermentation process, Snow bud tea has also more polyphenols, believed to be a possible anti-cancer agent. This tea is low on caffeine, so, due to this, the possible side effects are quite rare.

Studies have shown that this tea has a strong effect in halting cell mutation in an early stage of cancer, thus it successfully fights many types of cancer.

The Snow bud tea is also excellent for hydrating the body and skin, having a natural anti-aging effect. It also boosts the metabolism, making you burn fat faster. So it is ideal for diets.

Snow bud tea may help in fighting viruses and bacterial growth, reduce infections, pneumonia and even dental plaque, thus strengthening the whole immune system of your body.

Let’s not forget about its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It also improves cardiovascular function.

Side effects of Sun bud tea

As far as the side effects, there are no identified ones when drinking Snow bud tea, except few related to low caffeine content. People with intolerance to caffeine, should, however, avoid drinking it at night.

Snow bud tea is best for those who prefer green tea but want to experience the benefits of white tea. The long list of health benefits and the lack of side effects makes it ideal for daily consumption. So enjoy a relaxing cup of tea.

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