Jun 21, 2014
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Slippery Elm Tea Benefits and Side Effects

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Slippery Elm Tea is made from the inner bark of a tree that typically grows in the eastern part of North America and it has been used as medicine for centuries.Slippery Elm Tea contains mucilage, a gel-like substance that has the property of soothing pain, irritation and inflammation.

Slippery Elm Tea Brewing

The reddish sticky inner bark of Slippery Elm Tea si dried and powdered. In order tobrewthe tea, you must boil two cups of water in which you will stir four grams of powdered slippery elm and allow it to steep for about five minutes.

Slippery Elm Tea Health Benefits

Slippery Elm Tea has many beneficial effects. Due to its mucilage content, it can lessen the effects of gastrointestinal disorders like upset stomach and heartburn. It also protects the esophagus from acid damage caused by acid reflux. The antioxidant content ofSlippery Elm Teamakes it extremely beneficial in easing the inflammation caused by bowel disorders such as ulcerative colitis, which produces highly unpleasant symptoms, including diarrhea, cramping bloody stools and pain.


Slippery Elm Tea is also effective in treating coughs, respiratory irritations and sore throats. It can also be used externaly to smoothen and soften the skin or to treat certain skin conditions, wounds or burns.

Slippery Elm Tea Side Effects

Research shows that the components of Slippery Elm Tea display a low risk of side effects or toxicity, but it is not advisable to drink it along orally administered medications, as it may interfere with their absorption and weaken their efficiency. As a countermeasure, you can drink the tea two hours before or after administering the medications. Despite its numerous benefits, Slippery Elm Tea is not recommended as treatment for serious diseases such as bronchitis and cancer. Slippery Elm Tea can be safely consumed by pregnant or nursing women and by children.

You can drink Slippery Elm Tea three times a day. It is a nutritious beverage that will considerably contribute to your well-being.

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