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Family ► Cruciferae; Brassicaeae.

Habitat ► Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana and from Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh in moist soils.

English ► London Rocket.

Ayurvedic ► Khaaksi.

Unani ► Khuubkalaan.

Action ► Seeds—expectorant, restorative, febrifuge, rubefacient, antibacterial. Used in asthma.

Leaves—rich in vitamin C (176 mg/ 100 g), beta-carotene (10,000 IU/100 g) and minerals. Used in throat and chest infections.

Aerial parts yield beta-sitosterol, 3 beta-D-glucoside, isorhamnetin and quercetin.

The seed contains a flavonoid, iso- rhamnetin. Fatty oil from seeds contain linolenic and oleic acids (as chief constituents), along with erucic, palmitic and stearic acids.

Ethanolic extract of seeds exhibited marked antibacterial action, also antipyretic and analgesic effects.

S. loeselii Linn. (Kashmir and Hi- machal Pradesh) is used in scrofula and as an antiscorbutic. The seed oil contains erucic acid and larger amounts of tetracosenoic acid. The plant contains alkaloids, organic acids, tannins, glycosides, saponins, coumarins and flavonoids.

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