Jun 23, 2014
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Silver Needle Tea

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Silver Needle tea is a rare type of white tea,with a delicate flavor and great health benefits. Recommended to consumers willing to reduce the amount of caffeine, it is a special beverage both for connoisseurs and beginners.

About Silver Needle Tea

Silver Needle Tea is a type of white tea, originating from the Chinese Fuding county, and considered to be the finest type of this kind of tea.

It was once reserved to Royal Chinese Family due to its benefits and rareness.

Silver Needle Tea is hand-harvested only two days a year, during spring. It contains only the unopened tea buds, one of the reasons the Royal Family was the only one to drink it.

Silver Needle Tea brewing

Silver Needle Tea has a subtle taste and a low quantity of caffeine. It is recommended to consumers searching for the benefits of green tea, but not enjoying its strong flavor .

  • Silver Needle tea brews best with water at 180 degrees Fahrenheit (the water should be almost boiling, but not rolling)
  • After adding the water to the tea, steep it for five minutes
  • In case of adding more tea to the pot, it needs three minutes to steep

Silver Needle Tea benefits

Being a whitetea, Silver Needle tea is helpful in cancer prevention, due to its high content of antioxidants. These compounds are able to fight free radicals, best known for causing tumors growth and spreading cancer cells.

Silver Needle tea properties were also acknowledged to:

  • detoxify the body
  • relieve stress
  • lift mood

Silver Needle Tea side effects

Silver Needle Tea has few side effects, especially related to overconsumption. It is indicated that individuals suffering from cardiac problems or hypertension should consume it moderately.

Silver Needle teais a good choice for consumers who want to keep a good physical and mental state, enjoying both a delicate taste and a healthy beverage.

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