Jun 23, 2014
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Senna Tea

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Senna tea is made out of senna, which is an herb that contains compounds called anthraquinones, resulting in intestinal contractions. It is a purgative, similar to aloe and rhubarb and is mainly used in alleviating constipation. It can be found in Middle Eastern, African and Asian countries.

Description of Senna Tea

Sennas plants are mainly shrubs, its yellow flowers don’t produce nectar and its fruit is a legume. You can find sennas also as herbs or even small trees, used for ornamental purposes.

Benefits of Senna Tea

Little is known about the potential benefits of senna tea, but being a purgative herb it is used today as a laxative by making muscles to contract, thus stimulating bowel movements, helping in the reduction of constipation. It is sometimes used before undertaking colonoscopy-a procedure used in screening colon cancer. Besides senna tea is being used as a way of losing weight, although there are some potential risks involving the intake of senna, as we are about to find out.

Side effects and risks of Senna Tea

Senna tea has to be used no more than 2 weeks, because of its high risk of dysfunction of bowel, according to the national institute of Health (NIH). Other risks imply: muscle weakness, liver damage, or heart function disorders. A side effect of taking senna medication is abdominal cramps and even Malanosis coli, a brown discoloration of the colon wall. The consumption of senna tea over an extensive period of time can produce toxicity to the liver according to a 2005 report of the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. Because there is no significant medical research taken into sennas beneficial effects on the body it cannot be used in health purposes yet.

Preparation of Senna Tea

You can boil 100 grams of the tea leaves in distilled water with 5 grams of fresh sliced ginger. Cover it for almost 15 minutes, strain, and drink hot or cold. Careful though if you leave it long enough to steep it will become stronger and therefore it could lead to abdominal cramping.

Senna tea is a strong, dangerous medicine used in modern times mostly in colon issues. You shouldn’t try to use Senna tea as a cure for more than a week and do it preferably at the doctor’s advice.

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