Feb 12, 2014
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(Nutt.) Nees.

Synonym ► S. officinale Nees and Eberm.

S. variifolium Kuntze.

Family ► Lauraceae.

Habitat ► Canada to Florida. Dried roots of S. albidum are imported into India.

English ► Ague tree.

Unani ► Sassafras.

Action ► Root—used earlier for rheumatism, gout, kidney complaints and skin diseases.

Safrole is the main constituent of the volatile oil (80-90%), in addition to condensed tannins, resin, cinnam- ic acid derivatives. Safrole and its metabolite, L-hydroxysafrole are both neuro- and hepatotoxic (carcinogenic in animals). Its internal use is no more advised. Safrole-free extracts are ineffective.

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