Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Liliaceae; Ruscaceae.

Habitat ► Native to western Europe, Mediterranean region and Iran; widely grown as ornament in India.

English ► Butcher’s Broom, Jew’s Myrtle.

Action ► Rhizomes—deobstruent, anti-inflammatory, haemostatic.

Key application ► As supportive therapy for discomforts of chronic venous insufficiency and for complaints of hemorrhoids.(German Commission E, ESCOP.)Aqueous-alcoholic extract of the rhizomes contains steroid saponins (up to 6% of the extract). The spirostanol glycosides, degluconeoruscin and de- glucoruscin from the extract are absorbed in human plasma after oral administration. Besides, the rhizomes contain two furastanol glycosides, de- gluconeoruscoide and deglucorusco- side. The extract is used for the treatment of venous insufficiency and enters into dermatological and cosmetic compositions for the treatment of dark skin under the eye and into anti-ageing and anti-sun-tanning preparations.

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