Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Rhamnaceae.

Habitat ► Western Himalayas from Simla to Kumaon at an altitude of 2,300 to 2,600 m.

English ► Buckthorn (related species).

Action ► Plant—anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer.

The plant contains kaempferol, kaempferol-7-O-methyl ether and kaempferol-4′-O-methyl ether.

The ethyl acetate soluble portion of the alcoholic extract showed anti- nociceptive, anticonvulsant and anti- inflammatory activity. Kaempferol-4′- O-methyl ether was found to exhibit central nervous system depressant, cardiac stimulant, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory activity

The plant also contain emodin, which exhibited cardiac and intestinal stimulant, central nervous system depressant and analgesic activity in experimental animals.

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