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Senecio jacobaea. N.O. Compositae.

Synonym ► Dog Standard, Fireweed, Ragweed, St. James’s Wort, Staggerwort, Stinking


Habitat ► Pastures and waysides, especially near the sea-coast.

Features ► Stem erect, striate, tough, two to three feet high. Leaves alternate, lower lyrate-pinnatifid, stalked; upper bi-pinnatifid, sessile. Yellow flowers (July and August) florets of the ray smooth, of the disc hairy. Root consists of many long, thick fibres.

Part used ► Herb.

Action ► Diaphoretic, detergent, antiseptic.

In coughs, colds, influenza, catarrhs, and for the relief of sciatica and rheumatic pains, wineglass doses of the ounce to pint decoction are taken as needed. Makes a good gargle, and is applied externally to ulcers and wounds. Ragwort ointment is prepared from the fresh herb and used for inflammation of the eyes.

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