Feb 19, 2014
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Spigelia marilandica. N.O. Loganiaceae.

Synonym ► Carolina Pink, Indian Pink, Maryland Pink, Worm-grass. Habitat ► Southern states of U.S.A

Features ► Imported root is rather less than a quarter of an inch thick, cup-shaped scars on upper surface, many rootlets underneath.

Part used ► Root. Action ► Anthelmintic.

Widely used throughout the United States, where it is considered the best of the vermifuges, and is given to both children and adults suffering from the pests. A purgative such as Senna is usually added, as it is said to cause the Spigelia to act more quickly and effectively. An infusion of 1 ounce to

1 pint is given night and morning, in doses varying with the patient’s age up to one teacupful for adults.

In this country such remedies as Tansy and Wormwood are more commonly prescribed in the treatment of worms.

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