Feb 12, 2014
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Synonym ► Peucedanum sativum Benth. & Hook. f.

Family ► Umbelliferae; Apiaceae.

Habitat ► Native to Europe; grows in cool climate in India. (Hollow Crown, Student and Large Guernsey are Indian horticultural varieties.)

English ► Parsnip.

Action ► Above ground parts— diuretic, carminative (eaten as a vegetable and salad), used for kidney disorders. Root—used for kidney disorders, fever and as a diuretic and analgesic.

The parsnip is a rich source of coumarins (1.7% dry weight). The coumarin fraction of the fruit extract inhibits growth of cancer cells (HeLa- S3)cultured in the dark. The fruit contains small amounts of photoactive furocoumarins which are phototoxic. (Severe dermatitis results after contact with the furocoumarin in the presence of light.) The fruit contains xantho- toxin (0.1%), imperatorin (0.17%) and bergapten (0.38%). Coumarin, pasti- nacin, isolated from the fruit, showed spasmolytic action.

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