Feb 19, 2014
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Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. N.O. Compositae.

Synonym ► Field Daisy, Great Ox-Eye, Horsegowan, Marguerite, Moon Daisy. Habitat ► Fields, especially near the sea.

Features ► Stem from one to two feet, smooth, hard, angular, slightly branched. Leaves from lower part stalked, spatulate, serrate ; remainder sessile, serrate, oblong. Flowers large, white, daisy-like, each on its own long flower stalk.

Part used ► Herb.

Action ► Antispasmodic, tonic.

To some extent in whooping cough and asthma. The tonic effect is similar to that of Chamomile, but the greater popularity of the latter is probably justified. A decoction of 1 ounce to 1 pint (reduced from 1 1/2 pints) is taken in wineglass doses, and may also be used externally for wounds and ulcers, and as an injection in leucorrhea, Large internal doses induce vomiting.

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