Jun 23, 2014
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Lotus Tea

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Lotus tea is a Vietnamese green tea and has been often associated with purity and serenity in Hindu and Buddhist literature. The lotus plant is a pink aquatic flower with a unique circular seed pod that is collected during late summer after the seeds have matured.

The constituents of the lotus plant are lotusine, demethyl coclaurine, neferin and nuciferine.

How To Make Lotus Tea

Lotus is very effective in the tea form, since this way is digested much faster than pills or other supplements. To make lotus tea, you only need to infuse 2 teaspoons of dried lotus flower and leaves in 500 ml of boiled water. Let it steep for about 5 minutes, then, using a strainer to catch the lotus flowers, pour the tea into your cup and enjoy!

Lotus Tea Benefits

Lotus tea has been recognized worldwide for its diuretic, astringent and cooling properties. Other health benefits attributed to lotus tea are:

  • It is very effective in treating intestinal problems such as diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
  • Controls bleeding due to the quercetin and other flavonoids in the lotus plant.
  • Lotus leaf tea has a general calming effect, providing relaxation.
  • Helps fighting gastric ulcers and combating hemorrhoids.
  • Lotus tea alleviates restlessness and insomnia.

Lotus Tea Side Effects

Lotus tea doesn’t have any particular side effects, but since it is a green tea there may be some things that you should keep in mind. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid drinking lotus tea or any other type of green tea. Do not drink this tea if you suffer from anemia, diabetes or liver disease. Also, if you are taking medication, green tea including lotus tea, can inhibit their effect. In this case, if you really want to drink lotus tea, consume it 2 hours after taking your medications.

In the end, avoid over consumption. Drinking too much lotus tea can be dangerous especially if the tea is low quality!

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