Feb 19, 2014
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Glycyrrhiza glabra. N.O. Leguminosae.

Synonym ► Licorice.

Habitat ► Cultivated in gardens and fields.

Features ► Stem erect, striated, with few branches. Leaves alternate, ovate, veined. Flowers (August) purple, pea-like. Root greyish-brown externally, yellowish and fibrous inside ; transverse section shows radiate structure. Taste sweetish.

Spanish and Russian roots contain large amounts of rhizome, which is decidedly less sweet than the root proper and can be recognised by a central pith. Russian and Persian varieties have a red-brown scaly exterior, and are slightly bitter and acrid

Part used ► Root.

Action ► Demulcent, pectoral, emollient, expectorant.

Well-known remedy for coughs and chest complaints, frequently with

linseed. A decoction of 1 ounce of the root to 1^ pints of water reduced to 1 pint, with a tea-spoonful of linseed and lemon juice as desired, may be drunk freely.

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