Feb 12, 2014
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Cleaning, cleansing or clearing; this term has two uses: to describe (1.) the internal cleansing action of remedies inside the body; or (2.) an external spiritual/energetic cleansing ritual:

1. Herbal preparations taken internally are sometimes said to “cleanse the body [internally]” (limpiar el sistema), particularly the digestive tract, kidneys, liver and/or reproductive system; in this sense, it can be used to describe laxative or diuretic herbs, remedies that cleanse the blood or preparations that clear obstruction in the reproductive system.

2. a cleansing ritual is performed using herbs and/or other items to ritually clear or dispel unwanted energy around a person’s body or in a physical space (i.e. a room, house, office or car); this ritual often includes the use of incense, prayer and bundles of herbs that are swept or shaken over the body or in ones living space. Often, water-based preparations of herbs, fragrant aguas and/or perfume oils are used for washing ones living area, especially the floor; then a similar mixture of herbs is prepared as a bath for washing the physical body as part of this spiritual/energetic cleansing ritual.

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