Feb 12, 2014
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Synonym ► L. leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit.

Family ► Mimosaceae.

Habitat ► The plains of India.

English ► White Popinac, Lead tree.

Siddha/Tamil ► Tagarai.

Folk ► Vilaayati Baval Lasobaval (Gujarat).

Action ► The bark and leaves contain 16.3 and 3% tannin respectively. Leaves also contain quercitrin (0.08%). The toxicity of the plant is due to an alkaloid leucenine or leucenol. Beta-and alpha-amino- propionic acid is reported to be identical with mimosine (from Mimosa pudica).

Seeds, in addition to a fatty oil (8.8%), also contain mucilage composed of mannans, glactans and xy- lans. Stachyose is also reported to be present in the seeds. (Heat treatment of leaves and seeds after moistening lowers the alkaloid content.)

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