Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Oleaceae.

Habitat ► Cultivated throughout India, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. In Uttar Pradesh, cultivated on commercial scale in Ghazipur, Jaunpur, Farrukhabad and Kannauj for its fragrant flowers which yield an essential oil.

Ayurvedic ► Yuuthikaa, Yuuthi, Mugdhee.

Siddha/Tamil ► Usimalligai.

Folk ► Juuhi.

Action ► See Jasminum humile.

The leaves gave lupeol, its epimer, hentriacontane and n-tricantanol, a triterpenoid, jasminol; d-mannitol; volatile constituent, jasmone. The pin type pointed flower buds (long styled) on solvent extraction yielded higher concrete content rich in indole and methyl anthranilate, whereas thrum type (short styled) buds yield higher absolute with benzyl acetate as the prominent constituent.

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