Feb 12, 2014
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Operculina petaloidea

Family ► Convolvulaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India; ascending to 300 m.

Ayurvedic ► Shyaamaa, Chhaa- galaantri, Vriddhadaaraka, Vrid- dhadaaru. Argyreia nervosa (Burm. f.) Boj., synonym A. spiciosa Sweet, Convolvulaceae, is equated with Vriddhadaaru and Vriddhadaaruka, while Ipomoea petaloidea and I. pes-caprae are also known by identical synonyms. Operculina turpethum, synonym I. turpethum is used as a substitute for I. petaloidea.

Unani ► Shaaraf.

Siddha ► Nilapoosani.

Folk ► Bidhaaraa, Nishoth (black var.)

Action ► Purgative. Used as a supporting herb for diseases of the nervous system.

Dosage ► Leaf, root—3-6 g powder; leaf juice—5-10 ml. (CCRAS.)

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