Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Euphorbiaceae.

Habitat ► Native to tropical America; introduced into India.

English ► Sandbox tree, Monkey Dinner-bell.

Siddha/Tamil ► Mullarasanam.

Action ► Seed, bark and fresh latex— emetocathartic, antileprotic. Seed— insecticidal, piscidal.

In South America, a poultice made from the latex is used for treating cutaneous leishmaniasis. Highly irritant and tumour-promoting deterpene esters (DTC) have been detected in the latex. Latex gave the triterpenes, 24- methylene cycloartanol, cycloartanol and butyrospermol. Sap of the plant gave a diterpene hexaol ester, huratox- in, and a glycolipoprotein, crepitin.

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