Jun 21, 2014
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Huang Jin Gui Tea Health Benefits

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Huang Jin Gui Tea, meaning “Golden Osmanthus”, is a type ofoolong tea, originating from the Fujian province of China. The drink earns its name through the golden liquor obtained after infusing the yellowish green leaves which offer the tea a distinct flowery honeysuckle aroma of Osmathus. The sweet flowery scent combines with a fruity flavour and complex refreshing taste.

Huang Jin Gui Tea Brewing

Huang Jin Gui Tea leaves allow multiple infusions, each of them providing a new character to the beverage. The brewing of Huang Jin Gui Tea should be made at a temperature of approximately 85 degrees Celsius. Allow two or three minutes for the steeping process in order to obtain a mild, smooth flavour. If brewed according to these instructions, Huang Jin Gui tea is low in caffeine.

When to Drink Huang Jin Gui Tea

A cup of Huang Jin Gui tea is suitable for drinking at any point during the day because it is only slightly oxidized and lacks the astringency of green tea. Its delightful light taste and floral aroma guarantee you will gladly enjoy several cups a day, discovering new layers of taste after every brew. You can serve it how or cold and benefit from the long lasting aftertaste and subtle hint of honey.

Huang Jin Gui Tea Health Benefits

Huang Jin Gui Tea brings a variety ofhealth benefits for the drinker, which include a valuable aid in the process of losing weight. Drinking Huang Jin Gui tea benefits your skin and strengthens your teeth. It is also a contributive factor in the prevention of cancer and heart disease and it helps improving the drinker’s metabolism and overall life quality.

Huang Jin Gui tea helps reduce the blood sugar levels, which is beneficial for diabetic patients and last, but not least, it has a stress-relieving effect and it stimulates mental awareness.

Huang Jin Gui Tea Side Effects

As compared with the health benefits it brings, the side effects of Huang Jin Gui Tea are almost insignificant. The most common side effects are related to the large caffeine intake, which can lead to insomnia, dizziness, nausea, headaches or irregular heartbeat.

Huang Jin Gui tea is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and people who suffer from stomach ulcers, kidney or heart problems. Moreover, it is strongly advisable to consult with a specialist before includingHuang Jin Gui tea into your dietary plan, as the drink could interact with certain medications.

Huang Jin Gui is a delicious variety of oolong tea with a rich, brisk taste that brings along an energy surplus. It is relatively easy to prepare and the leaves can be infused at least three times, surprising the drinker with each cup.

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