Jun 23, 2014
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Gyokuro Tea Health Benefits

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Gyokuro tea is said to be the finest type of green tea. It is largely consumed for its health properties, but also for its unique taste. Its ingredients balance the diet in a harmonious way.

Gyokuro tea description

Gyokuro tea, or in translation “Jewel Dew”, is a fine type of green tea. It has a deep green colour and a rich seaweed and mellow taste flavor.

Itscomponentsare theanine, caffeine, tannin and vitamin C. Theanine provides the tea’s flavor, caffeine its bitterness, and tannin its astringency.

Gyokuro tea’s high quality and price are related to the unusual growing techniques. The tea is made only with the earliest leaf buds of the April/May harvest. The aforementioned tea is grown under shade cover for 20 days before harvesting begins.

It is considered the best of the Japanese teas and offers consumers a refreshing experience.

How to prepare Gyokuro tea

Gyokuro tea is advisable to be drunk alone, without mixing it with milk or sugar. Occasionally, one can only serve it with a piece of dark chocolate.

It seems that its leaves can be eaten, being soft and healthy.

  • Use good quality water to prepare a good Gyokuro tea
  • The optimal brewing temperature is between 122 F and 140 F degrees.
  • First, preheat the cups or the teapot, because pouring the moderately warm tea into a cold cup changes its temperature.
  • Pour some of the boiled water into the tea kettle and wait one or two minutes.
  • Add the leaves and the remaining water.
  • Use 2 table spoons of tea to approx. 4-5 ounces of water.
  • Brewing time is between two and three minutes. While brewing, don’t mix, stir or shake the tea. Try to leave enough room for the leaves to expand.

Gyokuro tea benefits

Due to its high content of antioxidants, Gyokuro tea reduces the risk of cancer. It can fight the free radicals responsible for the growth of tumors. This type of tea has a large contribution in making cells less likely to be affected by mutations. There have been instances in which it helped to cell recovery.

Gyokuro tea can be successfully used to:

  • stimulate the metabolism
  • burn off  calories
  • lower cholesterol
  • protect against various cardiovascular diseases
  • soothe and relax the mind
  • enhance cognition and alertness
  • improve concentration
  • keep one energetic
  • prevent dental plaque, bacterial infections and dental decay
  • freshen your breathe
  • protect against bacteria

Gyokuro tea side effects

In case of large intakes of Gyokuro tea, insomnia may appear, especially to consumers already suffering from a sleep pattern disorder.

Agitation and anxiety are other side effects caused by the content of caffeine.

Children, people with heart medical problems and pregnant women are normally told to avoid Gyokuro tea or to drink it in limited quantities.

Gyokuro tea contains a great quantity of antioxidants and caffeine that better people’s daily activities by enhancing their state of mind and well-being.


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