Jun 3, 2014
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According to the Natural Herbal Remedies website, ginkgo biloba has a positive effect on every phase of the cycle of sexual response, from desire to excitement (lubrication) to orgasm and resolution (the sexual afterglow).

So, sex is all about the flow, right? Emotional flow, intuitive flow, blood flow… Yup, all that excitement elicited by passion? It all boils down to where the blood is going. So boost your blood flow with a little ginkgo. The beauty of this herb? It increases circulation without increasing blood pressure (a perfect addition to the healthcare regimen of those who experience erectile difficulties). Male or female, doesn’t matter—ginkgo stimulates blood flow to the capillaries right below the skin which means extra sensitivity, extra sensation, and an extra-good time (yeah…it’s hard to write on this subject without cheerfully submitting to a little cheesiness).

A note about ginkgo: it’s generally a safe herb, but it can cause digestive upset and allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to it. Start slowly and see how you do. If you’re taking anti-clotting drugs or aspirin on a daily basis, you might want to skip the GB, just to be safe, as it might increase the risk of bleeding. Otherwise, try 80mg three times daily.

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