Feb 19, 2014
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Asarum canadense. N.O. Aristolochiaceae.

Synonym ► Canadian Snake Root.

Habitat ► Woods and shady places in North America.

Features ► Imported rhizome, slender, about four inches long by one-eighth inch thick, quadrangular, greyish to purplish brown, wrinkled ; fracture short; rootlets whitish. Pungent, bitter taste.

Part used ► Rhizome.

Action ► Stimulant, carminative, expectorant, diaphoretic.

As a carminative in digestive and intestinal pains, and as a stimulant in colds and amenorrhea resulting therefrom. An infusion of 1/2 ounce of the powdered rhizome to 1 pint boiling water is taken hot for stimulative purposes, and blood warm as a carminative. Dose of the dry powder, 20 to 30 grains.

Practitioners of the American Physio-Medical School hold that this root exerts a direct influence upon the uterus, and prescribe it as a parturient when nervous fatigue is observed.

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